Design History

Design History is interested in objects – how they are made, used and circulated.  It also considers spaces and structures as ‘designed’ products.  Design Historians consider these designed things and materials within the many contexts of the object, be it social, political, technological, etc.   The Design Historian may also employ a theoretical framework of their choice to aid their interpretation.  Design History champions objects in this way, because we believe that such things can show us elements of the past that are otherwise not available in text-based sources.

Design History takes inspiration from a range of academic disciplines, including anthropology, history and material culture studies (to name a few).  It believes that the exchange between different approaches and perspectives can be fruitful and exciting.

Design History is becoming increasingly self-aware of its role within society and the influence it could exert within contemporary changes to social, cultural and design policy: therefore not only aims to engage in exchange between different academic disciplines, but is also intended as a platform for discussion between all interested in history and its impact upon our society today.